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The term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality: besides great talent from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, Stockholm Objects also has American, Australian, and many European designers in our product selection. The result is a collection of products with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends. Unique finds for you and your loved ones.

Birchwood Tray


Laminated Birch Wood Tray Simple Scandinavian Design, originating from the Studio of Bengt Lindberg and Lotta Glave in Stockholm.Often beauty resides in the simple forms, materials, surfaces and colors. These trays are a culmination of simplicity...

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Decanter with Aerator and Pourer


This Wine Decanter with Aerator and Pourer offers a ventilation system which provides sufficient air to allow the wine to develop its aroma and flavors. The large, wide bottom gives room for the wine to breathe. With a precision spout, the carafe is very...

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The Aqua Water Carafe in 51oz features a striking elegance and functionality. The water carafe is a stylish and practical way to serve water. Experience the amazing balance when pouring. The lid is designed to hold back lemon, lime or ice cubes. Only the...

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