Odd Molly


Odd Molly’s award-winning design in clothing encourages women of all ages to feel and be their best selves. The clothes are celebrated for high quality, color, pattern, natural materials and lots of details made by hand.
Today Odd Molly is sold all around the world but the story all began as a tribute to one girl, a skater girl called Molly in Venice Beach back in the 80s. Breaking with convention and following her heart, she became Odd Molly’s constant muse, whose love for life lives on in every step the brand takes.

Odd Molly will always be inspired by, and fight for more Mollys in the world.

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 Odd Molly is available in our stores in Hinsdale and LaGrange.
Please also visit our Odd Molly store-in-store in Harbert, MI.
Call us for availability and we are happy to ship the items to you.